Face and drilling work

for machine and industry

Stay bold drilling


Drilling machine on place, no need to remove the cyl.head or exhaust valve


drilling in exact center line view from cyl.head

If the original thread is demaged, a new screw socket can be installed. The material is class approved.


New thread for the screw socket


installed screw socket


Bordeaux , France


Machining of cran-flange
Ø 3000 mm


Bohren eines Stevenrohrs am Contauberschiff


Boring on s stern tube at the container ship


machinig the landing face


Bohren eines Getriebgehäuses in einer Ausrichtung ohne Ausbau des Getriebes


In line boring of gear box, without to develop the gear box.


Complete overhaul and repair of all gear bos parts at sea.



Mashining a cranflange.


Stabilizer area on a ship


Mashining a stabilizer flange
facing and boring


Machining of landing faces
Ø ca. 620 mm

Adjusting the equipment


Final landing face


Machining of lower linerlanding
Ø ca. 468 mm


Machining the lower landing face
insert L-RingsMachining the lower landing face insert L-Rings


Machining on the linear of two stroke diesel engine


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